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Adding a PDF to a Page

Adding a PDF to a Page

Placester offers several different ways to share a PDF on the site.  The two most popular options are using either Dropbox or Google drive.  The most straight forward is creating a download link through Dropbox.  The more advanced option is to embed the document using Google drive.  This is an advanced function and does require some experience with editing iFrames and HTML.  If you would like to pursue the Google option, and are running into difficulty please feel free to reach out to our support team.   

Obtaining a Download Link with Dropbox

Our platform does not currently have a document storage feature, so you'll need to upload your file into DropBox.

Once uploaded, just click the share option to generate a public URL for your PDF document:

You can copy this link and add it to a new or existing page on your site. You can also add the PDF link directly to your menu as a custom URL item.

Embedding the PDF with Google Drive

This section is under review new updated process coming soon!


Embedding an Ebook 

We've seen some users use an outside tool called Flipsnack to embed a flipbook version of a PDF directly into their page content using HTML:

Click here to learn more about embedding HTML on a page.



Need More Help?

If you have additional questions about adding a PDF to a page on your site, let our support team know at

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