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How Long Does the IDX Approval Process Take?

How Long Does the IDX Approval Process Take?

This article will give you more insight about the timeline for the IDX approval process.

IDX Approval

Once the necessary approval documents are signed and submitted to your MLS by you and/or your broker, it usually takes 10 business days for IDX approval. When the MLS has approved your site for IDX integration, Placester's MLS team will reach out to you directly to let you know your IDX is live on your Placester site.

Possible IDX Approval Delays

Delays in IDX approval can occur both during the initial signing process and once the MLS receives the approval documents. Possible reasons for delay before the documents are submitted to the MLS include missing agent signature, missing broker signature, or incorrect email addresses provided for either agent or broker to complete virtual signature. Delays also occur when the MLS doesn't respond in a timely manner to the approval request.

Checking Status of IDX Approval

If you're concerned about potential delay and want to check the status of your IDX approval, you can reach out to the Placester support team at If the delay is coming from your MLS, you can also reach out to them for more information.

Need More Help?

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