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Submitting a Support Ticket

Submitting a Support Ticket

Submitting a Support Ticket

The following are best practices for submitting a ticket to Placester's support team if you should ever need help with a feature or have a technical question regarding your Placester site. Being clear, concise, and providing as much detail as you can will help us to resolve your questions faster and more efficiently. 


Have a How-to Question?

Any time you’re asking our support team how to accomplish a task on your site, it is best to provide:

The email address associated with your account. This will ensure our team can get in to the back end or administrative side of your website.

What and Where You’re Looking Specifically. Telling the team exactly where you are within your Placester admin panel or live site and what you’re looking to do will help us get you an answer quickly. Providing screen shots help as well to easily show the team where you’re looking on your site.


Notice Something is Not Working as it Should?

When you notice a feature on your site is not working properly we can troubleshoot as best we can but it may also require further escalation to our engineering team. In these cases, it is best to provide the same items listed above and most importantly to include:

Screenshots. These are very important if something's not working on your site. Screenshots help the support team to see exactly what you’re seeing on your end, which in turn will help our engineering team replicate, diagnose and resolve the issue. Sending screenshots helps make the resolution as quick and thorough as possible.

Not sure how to take a screenshot? This resource will help.


Missing a Listing or Listing Attributes?

If an active listing is missing on your site or a listing is there but is missing information such as photos, the number of bedrooms/bathrooms or another amenity, be sure to include the following information when reporting to our support team:

The email address associated with your account. This will ensure our team can get in to the back end or administrative side of your website and identify which MLS you are using on your site and if you have any settings applied that might be leading to an issue.

MLS ID and the Address. Both the MLS ID and the address of the listing are important so we can locate the exact listing in question.

Other Specific Details about the Listing. When the listing was added to your MLS and the status of the listing (active, pending, sold) are other details that would be beneficial to add to your help request ticket.


Need More Help? 

If you have additional questions about what information is necessary when submitting support tickets, let our support team know at

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