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Ideas for Custom Pages

Ideas for Custom Pages

This article will show you examples of custom pages that you can create on the Placester Platform.

Examples of custom pages include:

  1. A workaround page for Recent Sales/Open Houses pages
  2. Pages that tell more about agents and brokers
  3. A page to advertise making users leads  

1. Recent Sales/Open Houses

There are a few different workarounds to create recent sales pages or open house pages. Our IDX integration doesn't show past sales at this time, so we recommend alternative ways to create pages of recent sales. Open house data is only available on single property websites at this time, therefore this workaround will also work for open houses.

  1. Using the Agents Index page
  2. Using a Blog Index page
  3. Regular pages

a) How to create using the Agent Index:

Adding homes using the Agent pages and an Agent Index page will allow all the information and photos to be nicely displayed on one page and then users can click each individual section to read about the sold listing or open house. This is a great workaround as you can still have an agent's index page if you'd like.

To do this go to the "Agents" tab and create separate Agent pages for each past sale or open house. You can do this by clicking the plus sign next to "Agents". After you create different pages for each past sale or open house you will need to create a page for all of these past sales or open houses to be organized on. To do this use the Create drop down in the navigation bar to add a new page. Set the template type to "Agents Index" and give your page a title that represents what you are displaying. You then will have to select the "agents" (or homes) which will be feature as past sales or open houses on that page.

You can also reference this support article about creating an agents page:

b) How to create using the Blog Page Index:

You can also create blog posts that will describe a sold listing or open house. These blog posts will be included with all your other blogs, meaning you cannot have two different blogs/blog templates on one website at this time. If your theme has blogs on the featured listing page, then your most recent blog posts will be displayed there (so if you choose this method, your past sales will appear there too - a great way to highlight them straight away). To create a new blog post, go to Edit Site > Blog Posts and click the (plus) button. You'll also need to make sure you create a page with a blog index template so all the blog posts will appear on the blog page.

You can also reference this support article about creating blog posts:

c) How to create using Pages: 

You can also create a page with the default page template. You can do this by clicking Create at the top toolbar and click Page. You can also create pages by going to to Pages > Click + to create a new page. Then give the page a default page template and add the relevant information there.

Here is a support article that describes creating pages:

 2. Pages about agents or brokers

You can also create pages that describes more about the agent or broker. A great way for a buyer or seller to learn about a broker is by visiting their website, so including information about yourself is helpful. Creating more content and pages will also help your SEO. To learn more about your SEO, you can view this link:

Some agents will feature other interests of theirs, list local resources, Examples of pages are below:


3. Page to advertise signing up as a lead

This will describe how you can help users become leads. If users are not leads and click this page they will be advised to login or signup on your website and if they are already a lead they can sign in there.

If they are a lead and are signed in, it will display their favorite listings.

This is a helpful way to organize your site and prompt people to register on your site. It is a great way to advertise how users can register on your account, become a lead, save listings and save searches. To create this page, you can add a new page with the Client Profile template, and add that to your menu.

Need More Help?

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