Providing Placester Custom Header & Footer Code

The Placester publisher platform supports the inclusion of custom headers and footers. This custom code is included directly in the page alongside our own. To ensure that your site meets your requirements and is not adversely affected, any custom code supplied is subject to review, and should follow these guidelines:

  • No <head>, <body> or <html> elements. The code supplied should be code that would appear within the page's <body> tag.
  • Code supplied for a header or footer should be self-contained. All HTML elements within should be closed.
  • Any linked resources (stylesheets, scripts, images) must be hosted elsewhere -- we are not able to host these resources locally. As such, the URLs for these resources must be 'absolute' (e.g. and not 'relative' (e.g. /images/someimage.jpg)
  • Stylesheets should not include 'resets' or other global styles. Any CSS included should target only the elements in your header/footer.
  • Id and class names should be specific, so they are not likely to conflict with existing ids/classes on a page. For example 'container' is a generic class name that might already be in use; 'smithmedia-container' is specific enough that it will likely be unique.
  • Any scripts included are subject to review. Common javascript libraries such as jQuery may already be available on the page, and as such should not be loaded in custom code. Analytics libraries and scripts should be excluded; we can work with you to integrate your analytics directly into your site.

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