Mapping your 1&1 Domain to Placester [Classic]

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Mapping is the process of replacing your existing Placester domain with a custom one you have purchased from a third party provider.  Placester always recommends that you map your domain rather than forward it.  To find out more about the difference between mapping and forwarding click here. 

To take care of mapping your 1&1 domain to your Placester site, you will need to change both your A-Record (IP address) and CNAME (hosting platform) to Placester specific settings. If you are having issues with this process, we recommend reaching out to 1&1 directly to assist you with mapping your domain. You can reach 1&1 at 866-991-2631


Getting started: Log in to your 1&1 Account


Click Login in the top right corner of 1&1's home page to get logged in.  


Manage Domains

Within your control panel, click Domains under the My Products section, or if this is a brand new domain as shown below you can click on manage domain under Your Domain box.



Edit DNS Settings

Click on your domain name under My Domains.


Then click on Use Your Domain name under the Destination category.


You will then be redirected to the Adjust Destination page where you will want to click on DNS settings.




Adjust the A-Record

Click on the A-record (A) with the @ Host Name



Once you have selected this record, you will need to adjust the Value to with the TTL set to 1 hour. Then, click Save.




After saving the A-record, you will be redirected back to the records list. Click on the Add Record button to add a new CNAME record:


Then, select the CNAME as your Type:




CNAME Settings:

Host Name - WWW


TTL - 1 Hour



After clicking save the first time, you will get a warning pop-up. Ignore that and click on Save again.



Attaching your Custom Domain Name to your Placester site.

The final step is in your Placester settings. Once you are logged in, click on the three vertical dots and select Custom Domain.

This will bring you to the Custom Domain slide out. Select the custom domain to proceed.

Within the custom domain slide out, add the custom domain that you just mapped. Use only lowercase letters, and be sure to include “www” when adding in your URL. Example:

Add Domain, then click Save.


1&1 Support

Having trouble making the changes? 1&1 has an online support center with help articles. You can also reach 1&1 by phone at 1-866-991-2631 or by email at



If you've made all of these changes and are finding that your site still isn't loading, here are some potential causes:

  1. Caching: You have a cached copy of the site on your browser. Try clearing your cache, using a new browser or testing the site on a mobile device.
  2. Propagation: DNS adjustments take longer to propagate with certain domain registrars. We like to test and make sure everything has propagated using
  3. Errors in Site Settings > Custom Domain: make sure that you included the www before the custom domain, and you didn't use any capital letters. Otherwise, the site will not load.


Pro Tip: DNS Tools

Here are some DNS tools that we recommend:

- Use to find out where a domain is registered and the status of a domain

- Use to check the current DNS records of a domain


Need More Help?

If you have additional questions about pointing your custom domain to your Placester site, let our support team know at


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Mapping your Network Solutions domain to Placester [Classic]

Mapping your domain to Placester [Classic]


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