Downloading Open Home Pro® onto multiple devices


You can download the Open Home Pro® app onto multiple devices, as long as you have the same Apple ID or Google Play ID for each.

For iPad

If you do have the same Apple ID , follow the quick steps below:

  1.     Launch the “App Store” app from your home screen
  2.     Tap “Updates”
  3.     Click the “Purchased” icon at the bottom menu. You’ll see a small icon of a butt with an arrow pointing down next to Open Home Pro™ (and all other apps you’ve previously installed). Click that icon and it will begin installing on your iPad.

Here’s an Apple Help article as well with some screenshots to guide you: Apple Support, under "iPhone, iPad or iPod touch", then click "Apps".


For Android

You can download Open Home Pro® across any of your Android devices. Simply visit the Google Play Store and search for Open Home Pro® and download or click here.

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If you have additional questions about downloading Open Home Pro on multiple devices, let us know at

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Downloading Open Home Pro®

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