Creating a Featured Agent Ad for Publishers

This article will show you how to setup a Featured Agent Ad


Featured Agent Example

Logging in

In your browser, open the Campaign Manager (CM), at Enter your log in details and click Login.


Work from an Existing Campaign

Click the Campaigns tab to display a list of all campaigns for your site. You can browse the list or use a search function (Control-F or Command-F). If you are unsure of the campaign name try searching for either Featured Agent or the specific agent. We recommend including the ad type, placement, and advertiser in naming campaigns, to help you find them later.

Creating a New Campaign

On the campaign tab, click the + New Campaign. A small drop-down menu will appear, giving you three campaign choices, select Single.

This will bring you to the campaign creation screen

Set the Ad Type to Featured Agent, then select the appropriate advetiser. Name the campaign with the ad type, placement, and advertiser. You also have the option of setting start and end dates.

Next, select where you want the ad to appear. For any placement other than Homepage, you will need to select zip codes. You can select groups of zip codes by holding down the shift key or select multiple individual zip codes by holding the command key on Macs or the control key on PCs. Finally, click the Create Campaign button.


Creating the Ad

Name the ad Featured Agent, [Placement], [agents name], [date]. Upload a headshot of the agent in Agent Image, then upload their office logo in Sponsored Image. These images can either have been supplied by the agent or office, or can usually be found on the agent's web page.

Include Agent Information

The text fields after the image upload boxes allow you to enter what text will display in the ad.

  • Agent Name will be the name of the agent.
  • Agent Designation is the type of agent (for example, Agent or Broker). This is an optional field.
  • Enter the agent's Phone number, Email adress in the relevant boxes.
  • Landing Page: This is where the page, which when the ad is clicked, the user will be taken to.
  • The Description is optional. This allows you to add a short description of the agent - for example their specialities, etc.

Once the desired (and required) fields are filled out, click the Add Line Item button to finalize.

If you are creating this ad in a new campaign, you will need to start the campaign before the ad will publish. Just click the Start button in the upper right corner and you're ready to go. 

Need More Help?

If you have additional questions about creating a featured agent ad, let our support team know at

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