Creating an External Home Search Widget

This article will show you how to create an external home search widget.

Your account manager should have provided you a URL to access the widget generator tool.

<your subdomain>.com/widget-generator
<your subdomain>.com/widget-maker

Select Your Widget Type

There are two types of widgets you can create: Home Page Search or Listing Search. Each is customizable to your needs.

Use Cases:
The Home Page Search widget is commonly used on a publisher hosted home page. The widget is complete with free-text search just like your Placester hosted real estate section.

The Listing Search widget is frequently used on real estate content pages to drive additional traffic to the pages you want on your Placester hosted real estate section.

Select Your Widget Type

Title Your Widget

Although this field is optional, we feel that it's best practice to title your widget for clarity's sake. This way your user knows exactly what to expect.

Title Your Widget

Customize your widget

This is where you will specify what you would like your home search widget to include. Once you have completed this form, select "Add Search Type". You will repeat this process for each search type you would like included on your widget.

URL Search Form Submits To - Insert the URL that you would like your traffic to be directed.
Search Type -Select the type of search that you included in the URL Search Form.
Button Text (optional): If you leave this field blank, it will display the text that you selected in the "Search Type" field.

Front-end Example of Search Type Buttons
Front-end Example of Search Type Buttons

Placeholder Text

This section refers to the grey text that instructs the user what they can input in to the search field.
If you insert nothing, it will default to "Enter City, Zip, Amenity"

Placeholder Text

This is your opportunity to highlight things like popular searches, communities, or luxury properties. This area isn't required, but is a recommended best practice to segment traffic to pages that users are most curious about.

Link Columns
Front-end example with Link Columns
Example without Link Columns

Get Your Snippet of Code

To finalize the widget, you'll need to name the widget in the Container ID. Keep in mind that the text entered here will not be displayed anywhere on your live widget. Should you want to use this exact widget on another page, you could easily identify it for reuse. Select Create Widget to generate the unique javascript code for your customized widget.

Get Your Snippet of Code

Need More Help?

If you have additional questions about creating an external home search widget, let our support team know at

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