Populating Community Pages

How do we add a new community page for our site? Email prepared content to support-publishers@placester.com.

What do we need to provide Placester to add a new community page?


1. Area Description

This should be a short introductory description to the area. It can be as long or short as you'd like, but for page alignment (especially as it appears on the left 'column' next to the Area Highlights) it should be around 100-150 words in length.

2. Area Highlights

Here, you can add short descriptions under the headings below to give a brief idea of what life in the community is like. You can either create a list of words or short sentences to describe the area. Ten to twenty words are usually best.

The Neighbors:



You'll Love:

Perfect for:

3. Around the Area

This can act as the main body of the community pages or consist of one paragraph to add on to the initial Area Description. You have an opportunity to describe the area in greater detail and supply images of the community. With a maximum of 4 paragraphs, you can provide detail on local amenities such as parks, schools, restaurants and shopping, housing options, etc.


1 x 1600x475
1 x 960x575​
2 x 460x275​
6 x 300x210​​

More detail and an example of the final product can be found here

What ads are available on the community pages? The community pages support three different types of ads:

1. A slideshow ad across the top of the page (Placester hosts and maintains)

The slideshow image should be uploaded at 1600x475 pixels. An office logo must be 60 pixels high at maximum with any width. An agent’s headshot (optional) must be 45x60 pixels. 

2. Up to two 300x250s (DFP) 

3. Featured agent appears alongside listings results (Placester hosts, publisher sets up and maintains)

129x172 or 134x173) and an optional logo (132x60 or 270x64). Notice that these Featured Agent ads are targeted by zip code and correspond with search terms. This means that the same agents targeting this Community page will appear alongside general searches conducted on the home page as well. These should be sold as 1 unit. 


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