Native Publisher Ads FAQ

What are native ads? Native ads are directly integrated into the user experience on the Placester section; they include ads like featured listings and agents.

What are all the native ads that are available to me as a publisher? Featured Agent, Spotlight Listing, Search Listing (Featured and Sponsored), Featured Office and Slideshow ads are available.

What’s the difference between a sponsored listing and a featured listing? There are only two (2) Sponsored Listing slots for any search result page (SRP), which always show as the first two (2) listings. A Featured Listing will come after Sponsored Listings (if there are any on that SRP) and above regular listings. There is no limit on Featured listings.

Can an open house listing also be featured or sponsored? Yes, it can.

How long does it take for search ad (Sponsored and Featured Listings)to appear on my site?Sponsored and Featured Listings will populate on your site after the next listing database refresh (which typically occurs every 12 hours). This refresh makes your search ads searchable for site visitors. 

Where can I display featured listings on your platform? You can upsell listings in three main places on Placester-powered sites: the search result pages (Featured and Sponsored listings), the right rail and in widgets (Spotlight listings). Widgets can appear on Placester-powered pages, or external pages (i.e. anywhere on the publication’s website). For the latter option, Placester will supply you with javascript code to be placed on the pages you choose. You can find this at: or

Why does a sponsored listing appear next to an organic search listing that is the same property?The behavior you are seeing on the search results is expected. The Sponsored listing is technically not a listing but an ad that sits on top of the search results. This is the reason why you are seeing the listing twice, one is the sponsored ad and one is the listing itself. The behavior is similar to Google when it puts sponsored search results at the top of its search results pages (See example of a search for VW in SF).

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