Launching Your Site FAQ

What is the typical timeline for launching a site? Six - eight weeks from the time Placester receives required inputs from the Publisher team.

What options do we have for getting users into the Placester section? Placester has two options for a publisher real estate section homepage. Our homepage, which we host and design (See example: or we can provide your team a JavaScript widget generator which allows you to generate custom widgets that you can embed on your pages.

If our site is powered by Placester, do we have exclusivity in our market? Exclusivity is not something we can offer as we operate across the country with many different brands. Your account manager will ensure that your site is designed and configured in a way that best suits your market.

Can we make changes to our site after we launch? Absolutely. Reach out to with questions.

Does Placester provide listing data? Placester has partnerships with third party data providers that focus on apartments, new construction and senior living. In terms of local listing data, we will work with your team to secure the best data possible - either by carrying forward your current feeds or working directly with you and the local MLS or brokers to secure feeds.

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