Creating a Search Listing Campaign

This article will cover how to create a featured ad and sponsored ad to appear in searches.


Logging in

In your browser, open the Campaign Manager (CM), at Enter your log in details and click Login.


Creating a campaign

On the home page, click the + (Plus) button next to Campaigns. A small drop-down menu will appear, giving you three campaign choices:

  • Single - this will allow you to create a regular campaign with individual ads
  • Bulk: Search Ads - this creates autogenerated campaigns, ie the campiagn populates itself with ads
  • Bulk: Widget Ads - this autogenerates ads for specific placement types, ie the home page or the sidebars

Throughout these examples we will be using placeholder ads to illustrate the steps involved in creating campaigns and ads.

Creating a campaign

Creating a campaign - Settings

On the New Campaign page, fill in the settings as follows:

  • Name: Give the campaign a name that makes sense to you. We like to name in the following convention: Name of publication - Campaign type (ie 'Featured Search') - name of city/agent or MLS ID (depending on type of ads being created). In our example: "Placester - Featured Search - Boston". With each different campaign type, you should change the campaign name for future reference. However, feel free to name in any way that makes sense to you.
  • For What Site: Select the website that your campaign will appear on.
  • Advertiser: Select the advertiser from the dropdown menu. Advertiser must already be created in the Advertiser tab. 
  • Pricing: We recommend that this should always be Share of Voice
  • Start/End: Enter a start and/or end date, if you want or need to. This is optional and not required to set up a campaign.

Example below. We have used "Placester chron" as an example advertiser.

Creating a campaign - Settings

Creating a campaign - Targeting

For Search Listings Campaigns, you don't need to enter any targeting. This is because once the ads are created within the campaign, they target themselves. What we mean by this is that our sites recognize which location the ad should be displaying in, and will appear on the relevant search result pages on the site.

Creating a campaign - Targeting

Activating the campaign

To activate the campaign at any time, click the Start button. Once the campaign is started, this link will change to read Pause. You can Start and Pause the campaign at any time.

Clicking Archive will deactivate the campaign and all ads within it. This is unreversible.

Clicking Reports gives you the option to download reports about the campaign. These are available for the current month, last month, or the last three months.

Activating the campaign

Select Your 'Search Listing' for Your Ad Type

In the relevant campaign (in this example, Placester - Featured Search - Cambridge), click the large + (plus) button to create a new advert. Select the Search Listing option, then name the ad, using either the MLS ID or the first line of the address of the listing (we tend to use the MLS ID). Select the type of listing; Featured or Sponsored. Sponsored listings will always appear at the top of the listings page (there are only 2 Sponsored Listing slots available on any search results page), while Featured listings come after Sponsored ones and above regular listings. Select the site from the next drop-down and enter the MLS ID number in the Listings MLS ID box.

Search Listing adverts, pt. 1

Select the Listing in the Dropdown

Having selected the site and entered the MLS ID, the CM will find the listing and show it in the Select Listing box. It is not necessary to fill out the other fields, but they can be used for further filtering the listings results. Select the listing by clicking on it, then click Add Line Item to complete the ad.

NB: If you have selected a Sponsored Listing, there will be a box at the bottom of the page (under the Select Listing box) that allows you to add an image to the listing - this can be used to add the logo of the office the listing is posted with. It is an optional field.

Search Listings adverts, pt. 2


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