Starting an Open House in Open Home Pro®

This article will walk you through how to run an open house through your Open Home Pro app.

Creating a Listing

Before running an open house, you will need to make sure that you've created a listing page for the listing you're planning on running an open house for first. For more information on how to do this, click here

Instructions for iOS

First, tap on the listing that you will be starting an open house for. This will take you to the listing page, where you will be able to tap on the "Begin Open House" option.


The main screen for your open house will feed the first 5 images you have uploaded to your listing page. 

During an open house, your visitors will be able to sign in and enter their contact information. If you are a Premium subscriber, visitors will also be prompted to fill out any custom questions you have added in the backend of your account.  


After someone has signed in, you have options to add notes to the lead or end the open house. To complete either of these options, tap the house icon in the top left hand corner.


To add notes to your lead, tap "Add Visitor Notes" and select the visitor you would like to add notes to. To end the open house, tap "End Open House".



Instructions for Android 


Once you've set up your listing and are ready to run an open house, navigate to the listing's page within the app and tap "Start Open House".


The main screen for your open house will feed the first 5 images you have uploaded to your listing page. Visitors can sign in and enter their contact information by clicking on "Sign In".


After the visitor answers questions, Open Home Pro will confirm that the guest is signed in. Then, you will return back to the "Sign In" page for the next guest. This is an example of what it will look like when a visitor is prompted to enter their contact information: 

3.pngAfter everyone has signed in, you may end the open house by tapping the house icon in the upper left corner.

You may add additional notes on each visitor under the "Leads" section on the main listing page.


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