How to sync leads on Open Home Pro

This article will explain how lead syncing works as well as how to sync your leads manually if necessary. When your open house is over it is always important to follow the steps below to make sure that your leads sync and so you can view them on your computer.  

Automatically syncing your leads

First you will need to close your open house.  To do this, select the Open Home Pro logo in the upper left hand corner

You will then need to choose Exit/End Open House


Lastly to begin the automatic sync Connect your tablet to wifi.  It is always good to double check that your  WiFi signal indicator looks like it does below with full strength signal.  This helps guarantee a successful upload. 


As soon as you connect your tablet to wifi leads should be viewable and have the ability to export. Important note: You will need to make sure that your default email is set up in order to do this

Manually syncing Leads

If in rare cases you followed the steps above and still can not view your leads on the downloaded application on your tablet or (Premium members only) then you can try the following below:


First make sure your iPad is connected to a strong WiFi signal, then open the OHP app.
Select settings.


Select Sync Now to sync your leads manually



Make sure you have a strong WiFi connection. Then open the OHP app.
2.) Select the three gray dashes in the upper right hand corner
3.) Select "Sync"

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