How to Resize and Crop Images

Resizing and cropping images is a commons task these days. There are a ton of free online and downloadable programs to help you get your image exactly how you want it. One of the best free websites for handling images is Pixlr. It’s simple interface makes resizing and cropping a breeze.


  • Start by uploading your image, select “Browse” and then select your image file


  • Next, select “Adjustment”


  • It’s generally easier to resize and then crop if needed. Select “Resize”


Pixlr, and most image editors, defaults to keeping the proportions. This keeps the image from distorting but means that when you change the height, it will change the width for you and vice versa.


  • Type in the desired height.


  • If the width is now too small, type in the desired width


  • Click “Apply”


You have just resized your image! Now for cropping.


  • Select “Crop”


  • Type in the desired dimensions


A box will appear over your image.


  • Click and drag the box so that is frames what you want to keep


  • Select “Apply”


  • Select “Save”


  • Choose a different file name than the original. Having the original can be handy if you mess up the edits


  • Finish saving


And you are done! If you want to try more advanced editing or work offline, check out PhotoScape.


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