Display Ads FAQ

What display (banner) ads are available to us to serve on the Placester platform? Placester can support multiple banner sizes including 300x250s and 728x90s. Reach out to your account manager to confirm which display positions are available on your Placester section.

What ad serving platform do we need to use? Your Placester website can integrate ads powered by DFP (Google's DoubleClick for Publishers).

Does Placester sell any display ads on our section? No. Placester does not sell ads on your section. All inventory is reserved for you to sell.

Our ads are not displaying, what should we do? Reach out to support-publishers@placester.com to report the issue.

Can we do push-down or peel-back ads on the the Placester section? Placester does not support these types of ad positions, however these can still be enacted on the real estate home page if hosted by the publisher.

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