About Open Home Pro®

Downloading Open Home Pro®

This article will tell you how you can download Open Home Pro®. You can download Open Home Pro® from the iTunes App Store or via the Google Play Store The most recent version of the app for iOS is ve…

Updated 9 months ago

Downloading Open Home Pro® onto multiple devices

You can download the Open Home Pro® app onto multiple devices, as long as you have the same Apple ID or Google Play ID for each. For iPad If you do have the same Apple ID , follow the quick steps bel…

Updated 10 months ago

Systems that run Open Home Pro®

This article will tell you which systems are compatible with Open Home Pro® Open Home Pro® is currently available only for Apple iOS for iPad® and Android™ tablets (running Android 4.2 and higher). T…

Updated 9 months ago

Updating Billing Information/Canceling Your Account

All account change requests must be handled by reaching out to our Support Team directly at support@openhomepro.com. Our Support Team is available 9am-6pm ET Monday-Friday. We understand these are ti…

Updated 10 months ago

Upgrading to Android Version 4.2

This article will show you how to upgrade your Android operating system to version 4.2. The Open Home Pro® application for Android operates on Android OS Versions 4.2 and above. 1. Select "Settings"…

Updated 10 months ago

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