Open Home Pro® support discontinued for iPad versions 3.9.2 and earlier

On March 14, 2016 Open Home Pro will discontinue support for iPad versions 3.9.2 and earlier. Customers who currently use one of these versions should update their app promptly, or risk losing access…

Updated 4 years ago

How do I upload photos when I get an Album Error? (iPad users)

This article will show you how to allow Open Home Pro to access your Camera and Photo Library so that you can add photos to your listings. If access has not been given to the Open Home Pro app, you m…

Updated 4 years ago

What do I do if the Open Home Pro® App crashes or logs me out?

If the Open Home Pro® app crashes or logs you out, the easiest fix is to delete your current app and reinstall it on your device through the App Store on your iPad or the Google Play Store on your An…

Updated 4 years ago

Why are changes made in the app or web not appearing in the other location?

If you have made changes within the application or on www.openhomepro.com and do not see those changes reflected in the opposite location, be sure to sync the app. To sync the application follow the…

Updated 4 years ago

Adjusting iPad keyboard shortcuts when the Continue button is blocked

If you are using Open Home Pro on an iPad and have recently upgraded to iOS 9, you may find the Keyboard has new shortcut icons, which are causing the keyboard to take up more space. This makes it ha…

Updated 4 years ago

Open Home Pro billing may appear as "Placester"

Open Home Pro ® is part of the Placester family of products. If you purchased an Open Home Pro ® Premium subscription through a Placester sales representative or online at openhomepro.com , Placester…

Updated 4 years ago

Unable to Export leads from the iPad version of Open Home Pro

If you are using Open Home Pro on an Apple iPad, and while exporting your leads from the app you see this error message: "No Email Account - there is no email account configured. You can add an email…

Updated 4 years ago

How to install the newest version of Open Home Pro for iPads

The Open Home Pro team routinely releases new versions of the app to add new functions and make improvements. We also occasionally discontinue support of the oldest versions in order to keep Open Hom…

Updated 2 years ago

Privacy: What happens to my leads?

We believe your leads are yours and yours alone. We keep them on our servers for safe keeping in case you get a new device and want them to be transferred over. We would never sell your collected inf…

Updated 4 years ago

Open Home Pro® is crashing after upgrading to the latest version, what do I do?

If Open Home Pro® is crashing when you launch it after upgrading to the latest version, simply delete the app from your device and reinstall it. You may also want to check that your iPad or Android i…

Updated 4 years ago

Differences between free Open Home Pro® and Open Home Pro® Premium

This article will tell you the differences between the free and premium versions of Open Home Pro®. The free Open Home Pro plan includes a digital sign-in sheet with customizable questions, the abili…

Updated 4 years ago

Does Open Home Pro® integrate into other CRMs?

Open Home Pro® is not currently integrated with any CRMs. However, many CRMs do allow you to upload a CSV file, so in the meantime we try to accommodate various programs that way. You can export your…

Updated 4 years ago

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