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Premium Personalization Subscription

Premium Personalization Subscription

This article will explain the details of the premium personalization subscription. 

Premium Personalization 

The Open Home Pro® Premium Personalization subscription plan does not include lead access from our website, only from within the Open Home Pro app.This plan was designed for agents who only wanted the personalization features at a lower price, without the online lead access and management. Your leads are always available from Open Home Pro on your tablet. Here is more information on managing your leads. 

You can review which features come with each plan on this page: What are the differences between regular Open Home Pro® and Open Home Pro® Premium?

If you want to change your plan, or discontinue it, send us an email to

Note: The Open Home Pro Premium Personalization plan was discontinued on May 5, 2016. Users with a current Personalization subscription may continue on the plan.

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