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Starting an Open House in Open Home Pro®

Starting an Open House in Open Home Pro®

Instructions for iPad Users


1.  If you haven't yet created your listing, do so now. If you've already created your listing, skip this step! Simply select the desired listing.

2.  Press the Begin Open House button to start your open house


3. Take your walk-ins through the question and answer section


4.  After someone has signed in, you have options to add notes on a walk-in or end the open house.  Tap the house icon in the top left hand corner to view these options.


5. To add notes, tap Add Visitor Notes with your finger and select the visitor you would like to add notes to.  To end the open house, tap End Open House.



Instructions for Android



1. Once you've created your listing and set up your questions, you are set to begin your Open House. Select "Start Open House" and visitors can begin signing in.


2. Select "Sign In".


3.Take your walk-ins through the question and answer section. 


4. After the visitor answers questions, OHP will confirm that the guest is signed in. Then, you will return back to the "Sign In" page for the next guest.


5. After everyone has signed in, you may end the Open House by clicking the House icon in the upper left corner.


6. You may add additional notes on each visitor under the "Leads" section on the main listing page.


Need more help? 

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