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NAR Edition: Adding images to your Slideshow

NAR Edition: Adding images to your Slideshow

This article will walk you through adjusting the images that appear on your home slideshow on your National Association of REALTORS® Edition Placester site.

Slideshow Images Specific to your Market

All of the NAR Edition websites feature a home slideshow that can be customized with images of your own that are specific to your area or the types of homes you're focusing on. You can 1) upload your own images to replace all of the default images, 2) choose from our available sets of royalty-free images, or 3) do a combination of both.

Site Settings > Slideshow 

To see your options, head on over to the Quick Actions and select the Edit Slideshow link. 



Home Slideshow Options

Placester provides several sets of home slideshow images to choose from, which are categorized by type. Scroll through to see your options and use the arrows to see the different images within each set.


If you find an image set that you like, click Select.

Uploading your Own Images

You might also find that you like certain images within the image sets but would like to swap some out for your own images. Or, perhaps you want to use only your custom images.

If you select a slideshow such as Default, you'll find more advanced options to upload your own images to replace the existing ones.

You can also add a caption and link if you’d like to provide more information about the image and/or link to a related page directly from the home slideshow.

Pro Tip

Images should be at least 1600 pixels wide by 660 pixels tall. Need a free, easy cropping tool? Here’s one we recommend:

You can learn more about cropping and resizing images here.

Need More Help?

If you have additional questions about adjusting your slideshow images on your National Association of REALTORS® Edition Placester site, let our support team know at

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