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Adding additional images to your email templates

Adding additional images to your email templates

Welcome to our Placester Hacks series! Placester Hacks are Placester-approved tricks and workarounds that allow you to accomplish some customizations that may not seem possible with the current toolsets included in Placester’s products. Keep in mind that these hacks are generally more advanced than standard setup instructions. We recommend only using them if you’re familiar with HTML and website editing.

This Placester Hacks article will describe how to add additional images to your email templates.

Adding additional images to your email templates

If you would like to make changes to your autoresponders or drip campaign emails, you can access them under Plans on the back end of your Placester site. Please refer to our main article on editing your email templates for a complete overview.  

While you do have the built in option to add a logo to your email template, many agents may have additional branding or images they may want to add their emails. Placester doesn't currently offer the option to upload images directly within templates, but we have instructions for adding image HTML as a workaround.

Image HTML

Please note that the below instructions involve using image HTML, which is somewhat advanced as far as editing goes. 

To use image HTML, you'll need to provide an image source URL. This means your image must be hosted on a server, whether it's your Placester site or another site you own.

We've found that the easiest way to obtain an image URL is by using the HTML editor in Pages within your site editor. This is essentially a hack that allows you to upload an image and grab a direct link to it without publishing the page/image.

First, go to Pages and then click on the + to add a new page.


Note that you won't actually be saving a page here, so go ahead and use the Default page template to start. Select the image icon within Page Content to upload an image to the page. 

Once you have added the image, click the HTML editor icon. This will allow you to see the source code for your embedded image. It will look very similar to what you see below. You might notice the word "Amazon" within the link - this is because Placester sites are hosted on Amazon Web Servers, so you're getting the direct link to the image on our servers. Be sure to copy the whole code, beginning with <img src and ending with >.

Adding the HTML to a Template

You will now want to copy this code and proceed back to Plans.  An image like this can only be added to either a new template or a copy of an existing template.  Once you have created a new template, insert the copied HTML into the template where you want the image to appear, and the image will pop up instantaneously.

Click on the save button and you are are finished. If you would like to see what the email will look like when it is sent to a client, you have the option to preview the template when you add it to a plan.


Need More Help?

If you have additional questions about editing an email template, let our support team know at


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