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NAR Edition: Editing Menu Tabs

NAR Edition: Editing Menu Tabs

This article will show you how to customize the layout of your Placester site's navigation menu. 

Your National Association of REALTORS® Edition Placester site includes 3 pages: your listings search page and about page, both of which are created automatically, and a testimonials page that you can add should you choose to use this page template. You can always adjust the order of menu items and add drop down menus.


Changing the Order of Menu Items 

To execute these changes, follow the provided visual steps below:

The indicated Edit Site link will redirect you to the Site Settings menu.
Next, scroll down on the Site Settings page and click on the Menu link.



This will then bring you to the slide out where you can adjust your site's menu. To change the order of your menu items, drag and drop each item in the spot you want it in.




What is a Tooltip?

The tooltip is the text that will appear when you hover over a menu item. By default, it will be set to the menu label, but there might be cases where you want to adjust the tooltip text.


For example, you could set the tooltip for Listings Search to show "Find your new home." Here is what this would look like on the front end of your site when Listings Search is hovered over:


Creating a Drop Down Menu

To create a drop down menu, click and drag the submenu item towards the main menu item. Drop the submenu item within the main menu item so that it becomes indented. 




Need More Help?

If you have additional questions about changing you menu configuration, let our support team know at

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