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NAR Edition vs. KW Sites powered by Placester

NAR Edition vs. KW Sites powered by Placester

Placester is a proud partner of multiple brands and franchises, including Keller Williams and the National Association of REALTORS®. We understand that many agents are members of both Keller Williams and NAR. Since we have independent partnerships in place with each organization, the benefits of each membership cannot be combined. This article will describe the differences between the two separate subscription types you have access to through each brand.

*Placester’s IDX solution is included in the NAR edition subscription. That being said, we must pass along a data surcharge for some MLSs. For this reason, we require credit card information to be submitted when you add the free NAR edition subscription.

In the event your MLS charges Placester for data access, you will incur a data surcharge which will be billed by Placester. This surcharge is intended to offset the high fees that certain MLSs charge Placester for access to the IDX data. The surcharge is processed on the day that your integration is completed, then is charged monthly. Keep in mind, some MLSs charge their own setup or annual fees for access to IDX data. You will be billed directly from your MLS for any direct MLS Fees.

**Most surcharges were waived for KW associates using Placester. For a small number of MLSs, monthly surcharges could not be waived and do apply. Please contact Placester Support if any clarification is needed.

Note: As a Keller Williams associate, a KW site powered by Placester will be created for you automatically once you’ve created an email address and have added your MLS information to White Pages. You can access your site by following these steps. The Placester account will be associated with your email address and will always be accessed through MyKW.

NAR Edition sites are not created automatically and are something you can opt into on your own by creating a second Placester account at under a separate, non-KW email address. You will access this site by logging into


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