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NAR Edition: How to cancel

NAR Edition: How to cancel

This article will explain how to cancel your NAR edition Placester site.

Canceling your subscription

As a NAR edition subscriber you have the ability to cancel your subscription at any time.  If you are looking to cancel because you are interested in a site with more features, you may want to check out our upgraded subscriptions.  Your can learn more about what these subscriptions offer here, or you can contact our sales team at  1-800-728-8391 x2.  

Cancellation process

To cancel your subscription, you will need to log into the backend of your site through  Keep in mind that when you cancel your subscription, your site will be disabled automatically.  If you have a custom domain on your site that you would like to use in the future, you should remove it before you move forward with cancellation.  Once you are logged in click on the circle in the upper right hand corner and select My Account.


To access you subscription information click on Subscriptions.


Now, click the cancel button on the far right.


Your subscription is now cancelled.  Your account and disabled site will still remain in the Placester database in case you decide to come back to Placester, or you have the option to delete it.

Need More Help?

If you have additional questions about adjusting or canceling your National Association of REALTORS® Edition Placester site, let our support team know at



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