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Removing an Agent from your Broker Account

Removing an Agent from your Broker Account

This article will show you how to remove an agent from your broker account.

Please note that this ability is only available through our Broker Pro subscription. If you are not subscribing to this package but would like to learn more, please visit our packages and pricing page. 

Dissociating an Agent's Account and Website

You might have invited an agent to create a website under your broker account and the agent has since left your office and/or moved brokerages. Removing an agent will dissociate the agent from your broker account, meaning the agent's account will no longer be attached to your account and covered by your subscription.

That being said, the agent will still have access to his or her account with Placester. If the agent would like to continue to use a website, he or she can log back into the account once has been dissociated. From here, the agent will see that the website has entered Preview mode. The agent will be required to start an individual subscription in order to re-launch the site.

Agents Tab

To remove the agent from your account, go to the Profile icon and click the My Agents tab when logged into your broker account.

Find the Agent

Find the agent that you're looking to remove.

Remove the Agent

Click Remove to remove the agent. You'll see a confirmation screen before you can officially dissociate the account.


Need More Help?

If you have additional questions about removing agents from your account, let our support team know at