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Deleting a Site in Preview Mode

Deleting a Site in Preview Mode

This article will show you how to permanently remove a disabled site from your account.

Managing Your Sites

If you have one or more sites in preview mode that you're not planning to launch, you can remove them from under the Sites tab to avoid any confusion when you're making changes to your live site.

Preview vs. Live Sites

You can tell if a site is live or not by the text that displays to the right of the site title - it will either say View Preview or View Live Site. If a site is already in preview mode, the Delete button displays as the last option on the right:

When you click Delete, a pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the action. Remember - this cannot be undone!

Deleting a Live Site

In order to delete a site that's already launched, you'll first need to disable it. The Disable button is the last option on the right for live sites. Once disabled, the site will revert to preview mode and can then be deleted:

If you change your mind about disabling a site, don't worry - you can make it live again by clicking the Launch Site option.

Need More Help?

If you have additional questions about deleting a preview site, let our support team know at