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Selecting an MLS Listing to Feature on your Single Property Site

Selecting an MLS Listing to Feature on your Single Property Site

This article will show you how to select a listing from your IDX feed to highlight on your single property site.

Select Your IDX

As soon as the single property site is created, you'll be brought to a screen with options for next steps. If you're using a listing from your MLS, you can select the first option here: Select Your IDX.

Site Settings > IDX Integration

You can also get to the same place through Site Settings > IDX Integration.

IDX Integration

This brings you to a screen where you can select the IDX integration that you'd like to use. If you already have approval for a full site that you have, you'll see the option to use that MLS. Click Use this MLS, then click Save.

Site Settings > Global Filters

Next, go to Site Settings > Global Filters for your single property site. 

Selecting your Listing

Within the Listings Filters screen, first select the MLS Listing tab (rather than Custom Listing tab). You'll probably want to search by MLS ID or Address since you'll be searching for one specific listing to feature on the site. In the example below, you'll see a search for a specific MLS ID. 

There is one listing found after clicking Search. To move that listing into the Selected Listings Column, click on the listing address, then Add. Click Save when you're done.

Need More Help?

If you have additional questions about selecting an MLS listing to use on your single property site, let our support team know at