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Creating and editing a Custom Listing on your Single Property Site

Creating and editing a Custom Listing on your Single Property Site

This article will show you how to select a custom listing that you've added manually to highlight on your single property site.

Adding a Custom Listing

After completing your basic site setup for a single property site, you'll see three possible next steps. Option 3 will take you back to the main site editor page. enter a listing manually by following these steps.

From here you will want to select IDX listings from the Apps icon, select Custom Listings, then click the + icon to manually add listing information.


Site Settings > Listings Filters

Once your custom listing has been added, go to Sites > Edit Site > Global Filters for your single property site. 




Selecting your Listing

Within the Listings Filters screen, first select Custom Listings tab (rather than MLS Listings). If you only have a few custom listings added, it should be easy to locate the one you'd like to use in the Listings Found column and move it over to the Selected Listings column. Just double-click the address or select the address and click add to move it over.

Click Save when you're done.

Editing your Custom Listing

Once you have created a custom listing you can edit it at any time.  To access your custom listing, first click on the black apps square, then click on IDX listings.


Then select Custom Listing.


To access your listing, click on edit on the right side of the screen.  You can then change any of the property information you wish.  Important note: If You wish to change the images connected to your property on your single property site, you will want to do it here.  You do not want to upload to the slideshow as this can cause images to go missing.  


Need More Help?

If you have additional questions about selecting an custom listing to use on your single property site, let our support team know at