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Adding Slideshow Images to your Single Property Site

Adding Slideshow Images to your Single Property Site

This article will show you how to adjust the images that appear on the home slideshow for your single property site.

Overriding the Listing Images

By default, the slideshow on your single property site will feature the images that are attached to the listing, whether it's an MLS listing or a custom listing that you've added. If you'd like to override the images with some of your own, you can upload custom slideshow images instead.

Site Settings > Slideshow 

To upload custom images, go to the Slideshow tab within Site Settings.

Uploading Images

Within the slideshow settings, give your title a name. Then, click upload to start adding images one by one.

Click Save when your images have been uploaded.

Pro Tip

Images should be at least 1600 pixels wide by 660 pixels tall. Need a free, easy cropping tool? Here’s one we recommend: 

Learn more about cropping and resizing images here.

Need More Help?

If you have additional questions about adjusting your slideshow images, let our support team know at

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