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Using your 1&1 Domain

Using your 1&1 Domain

In order to take care of mapping your 1&1 domain to your Placester site, you will need to change both your A-Record (IP address) and CNAME (hosting platform) to Placester specific settings.   1&1 requires a more advanced change in settings than most domain providers.  Placester would recommend reaching out to 1&1 directly to take care of domain mapping, unless you are very familiar with the domain mapping process.  You can reach 1&1 at 866-991-2631  

Having 1&1 map your Domain (recommended)

If you are going to have 1&1 take care of domain mapping for you.  You will want to provide them with the following settings for pointing your site to Placester.

1. Forwarding: OFF

2. Nameservers: Set to DEFAULT

3. A-Record:

4. CNAME:   

After this is done move down to the bottom of the document and follow the instructions for your Placester site.

DNS Settings Within 1&1

The following changes need to be made to your domain's DNS settings in order to complete domain mapping with Placester:

The domain should have an A-Record that points to

You also need to create a subdomain of, which will have a CNAME that points to

1&1 presents a unique situation compared to most domain registrars. Its domain settings do not allow you to modify both the A-Record and CName in the DNS settings.

You'll find that if you log into your 1and1 account and try to adjust both the A-Record and CName, only one of the changes will take and the other will be disregarded.

This is why the workaround is to add a subdomain of, then add a CNAME there instead.

Log in to your 1&1 Account

Click Login in the top right corner of 1&1's home page in order to get logged in.  

If you can't remember your password, click the Forgot Your Password? link. If you're having trouble with your account information, contact 1&1 at 866-991-2631 or try their online help center.

Manage Domains

Within your control panel, click Manage Domains under the Domains section, or if this is a brand new domain as shown below you can click on manage domain under the your domain box.


Edit DNS Settings

Click on your domain name then on modify DNS Settings to access the A-Record settings.

Step 1: Add an A-Record

Within your DNS settings, scroll down to the A/AAAA Records (IP Addresses) section. Check off Other IP Address and add an IPv4 Address of:

Once this is complete, click Save.

Step 2: Add a Subdomain & CNAME 

Click on domain name once more and then modify DNS settings.  Once there move directly down to the box right below where you added the A - Record.  Click on the word subdomain


 Add a subdomain beginning with www on the Create Subdomain screen.

You will then be brought to the subdomain menu.  First hit the expand arrow, than click on edit DNS settings

Add a CNAME for the subdomain by scrolling down to the A/AAAA Records (IP Addresses) section. Check off CNAME and add an Alias of:

You'll also need to check off "I am aware and accept that all current DNS settings, e-mail addresses and redirects will be disabled."

When the changes are complete, click Save. Then, log into to complete the final step.

Site Settings > Custom Domain

This will bring you to the Custom Domain slide out.

Custom Domain Slide Out

Within the custom domain slide out, add the custom domain that you're looking to use. Use only lowercase letters, and be sure to include “www” when adding in your URL. Example:

Click Add Domain, then click Save.

1&1 Support

Having trouble making the changes? 1&1 has an online support center with help articles. You can also reach 1&1 by phone at 1-866-991-2631 or by email at


If you've made all of these changes and are finding that your site still isn't loading, here are some potential causes: 

1. Caching: You have a cached copy of the site on your browser. Try clearing your cache, using a new browser or testing the site on a mobile device.

2. Propagation: DNS adjustments take longer to propagate with certain domain registrars. We like to test and make sure everything has propagated using

3. Errors in Site Settings > Custom Domain: make sure that you included the www before the custom domain and you didn't use any capital letters. Otherwise, the site will not load.

Pro Tip: DNS Tools

Here are some DNS tools that we recommend: 

- Use to find out where a domain is registered and the status of a domain
- Use to check the current DNS records of a domain

Need More Help?

If you have additional questions about pointing your custom domain to your Placester site, let our support team know at

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