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Creating a Single Property Site

Creating a Single Property Site

placester5.pngCheck out a single property site in action on our demo site: Placester Realty!

This article will walk you through creating a single property site. Single Property Sites allow you to highlight an individual listing. 

Please note that Single Property Sites are currently offered as add-ons to subscriptions. If you would like to learn more about adding a Single Property Site to your subscription, please call our sales team at 800-728-8391 x2 or email

Add a Site

Within your Placester account, click the + button next to Sites to add a website. 

Select the Single Property Site Option

Under Select Site Type, select the Single Property Site option, then click Save and Continue.

Select a Design

Use the arrows to select a site design for your single property site. Use the color boxes to select the color scheme that you'd like to apply to the design.

Note: You can change your site design and color at any point within your site settings.

Add Basic Site Info

Add a site title, tagline and logo to be displayed on your site. 

Note: These items can be changed at any point within your site settings.

Next Steps

This will create your single property site and show you the possible next steps. You can 1) Select an IDX listing to display on your site, 2) Manually add a listing to display on your site or 3) Preview the Site as it is. 



Need More Help?

If you have more questions about creating a single property site, let our support team know at