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Assigning Leads to Agents or Groups

Assigning Leads to Agents or Groups

This article will show you how to assign leads to Agents or Groups within your Broker account.

Please keep in mind that this ability is currently only available through our Broker Pro subscription. If you are not subscribing to this package but would like to learn more, please visit our packages and pricing page.


Go to the App icon in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard and click the Leads tab to access your lead management features, then My Leads.

Assigning a Lead

From here, you'll be able to assign your leads to an Agent or Group.

Find the lead you want to assign, then scroll to the far right of that row. Click in the space in the Assigned column to access a dropdown menu with all of your agents and groups. Simply click the agent or group to which you want to assign the lead, and this will be updated immediately.

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