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Promoting Your New Real Estate Section

Promoting Your New Real Estate Section

Launch Marketing Opportunities


Below you will find the best practices on launching your new real estate section with Placester

Suggested Practices to Drive Users

  • Run of Site DFP Ads driving traffic to pre-searched areas
  • Feature articles in your News section letting your readers know you will be a new source of real estate in the area
  • Implement a content marketing strategy at launch of your section driving traffic to community pages
  • Feature an article about the unique search on your real estate section
  • Issue a joint press release announcing your section
  • Use the word ‘Real Estate’ in the top-level navigation of your publisher site


Best Practices to Attract Agent/Broker Customers

  • Package your advertising opportunities with Print
  • Have an A La Carte option to highlight the value of individual options
  • Structure advertising packages specifically for agents
  • Structure advertising packages that target Brokers
  • Take a consultative approach to selling
    • What is your customer looking to accomplish?
    • What opportunities suit your client best?
  • Brainstorm what makes your section a unique opportunity
  • Offer content promotion packages
  • Offer social promotion packages   
  • Offer pricing specials in the first month for advertising packages
  • Team up with the largest brokerages offering a spot in the office directory to link to the real estate section