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Linking to Multiple MLS Searches From One Placester Site

Linking to Multiple MLS Searches From One Placester Site

This article will show you how to create links to multiple IDX feeds from one Placester site. 

One MLS Per Site

The Placester site building platform allows you to integrate one MLS per website. We understand that some agents live in areas where it makes sense to belong to multiple MLSs and it's important to promote listings from both of them. Our suggestion is to create two (or more) websites, each with its own IDX integration. Then, you can create a link from your main site to the other MLS searches that you've set up. 

Live Example: has done an excellent job using this technique on their Placester site. You'll see in the menu that they have a listings search tab for just the cape area, then a drop down that links to all Massachusetts listings, which is a separate MLS on a separate site.

Step 1: Add a new site

In addition to your main site, you'll need another site for each MLS you plan to add. In your Placester account, click the + button next to sites to start this process.

This will take you through the site setup wizard. We recommend choosing the same theme and color as your main site so the end user will see the same site design when viewing the different IDX searches.

After finishing these onboarding steps, you'll have two sites on your account. The new site will be in preview mode.

Step 2: Request a Second IDX Integration

Go to Site Settings > IDX Integration to request a new integration.   

Within this screen, you'll see your current IDX integration. Click "Request a new integration" to start the process of adding a second MLS. 

At this point, you will need to start a second subscription to support an additional MLS and site.

Click this prompt to start an additional subscription. 

After you check out, you'll be able to submit your IDX request. In this example, our main site has a Massachusetts MLS and the new site will have a New Hampshire MLS.

Please note that you'll have to go through the IDX integration process for the new MLS before you have access to the data. Check out our support section about the IDX integration process to find out what's entailed.

Step 3: Link the Sites Together

When the second IDX integration has been completed, you can activate the correct MLS on the new site under Site Settings > IDX Integration. When you're ready, launch the site.

Once the site is launched, view the live site. Go to the listings search page on the live site. Copy the URL of the search page. Here's what the search URL looks like on our New Hampshire site.

Back in the admin panel, select your primary site (Massachusetts, in this case). Go to Site Settings > Menu to edit the menu on the main site.

Here, you'll have to add a menu item using the Custom URL Menu Option.

In this example, I already have a listings search menu item on my main Massachusetts site. I want to add a drop down underneath it that links to a New Hampshire search on a separate site.

By following the instructions to add a Custom URL Menu Option, I'm going to add a new tab called NH Search and paste the URL of the search page that I copied previously. 

Once that item has been created, I'll drag and drop it within Listings Search so that it becomes a drop down item.

Be sure to click Save within the menu settings. 

Now, on my live site, I have a main listings search tab in my menu, along with a NH Search underneath.

Of course, you can add multiple sites and drop downs or create different variations of this based on your location and MLS situation. 

Need More Help?

If you have additional questions about linking to multiple MLSs from one Placester site, let our support team know at