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Business vs. Personal Social Media Accounts

Business vs. Personal Social Media Accounts

This article will show you how to differentiate your business and social media accounts. The goal is to stay professional, while still unique and personable.

Business vs Personal Social Media Accounts

Here are some tips on how to differentiate between your business and personal social media accounts.

  1. Have two different profiles. It is best to have a social page and a business page and make sure there is a difference. Your social page will be used for personal posts, photos and conversations. Your business page will be used for your business, brand and company culture.
  2. Shine through on your business page and stay consistent. You need to consider how you want your brand to be portrayed first. Once you do this, you can just make sure everything you post helps that! Stay consistent on your page so that anyone who views it at anytime will have the same impression of you are and knows your brand identity.
  3. Don’t be too extreme on your business page. Don’t put too much information on your business page so it gets busy, keep it appropriate and do not included offensive content. While you are being careful on your business page, you still want to make sure that people get a glimpse of who you truly are! The most important factor to keep in mind on your business page is that you are not sharing or saying anything harmful and are being respectful to our audience.
  4. Know your followers. Acknowledge who your followers are and make sure you are speaking to that audience. Many people will have their family and friends following their business pages, which can be difficult. You want to make sure you are engaging with your posts and keeping them interested, but you don’t want to overwhelm them. Provide your audience with what they are looking for and what you want them to know. 
  5. Use your personal page for everything else! When you come across the question “Is this appropriate to put on my business page?” then you most likely shouldn’t post it and should just display it on your personal page. Use your personal page for private information, vacation photos and topics that are not helping your brand. 
  6. Profile Pictures On your business profile, we advise using your logo as your profile picture so it advertises your brand and your identity is clear. Your personal profile picture can be anything, and a photo of you!

Which accounts should I use on my site?

The final decision is yours alone, but bearing in mind that you might be using your personal social media accounts to share your vacation photos or your opinions on a new movie, it's probably best to keep it professional and select your business social media profiles.

To find out more about adding your social media accounts to your Placester site, click here.

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