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Invite Agents to your Broker Subscription

Invite Agents to your Broker Subscription

This article will show you how to invite agents to create websites from your broker account. 

This ability is currently only available through our Broker Pro subscription. If you are not subscribing to this package but would like to learn more, please visit our packages and pricing page.

Your Broker Account vs. Agent Accounts

Your broker account is the main account that all of the individual agent accounts will be tied to. Your broker account includes one free website that is most often used for an office or team site. The broker subscription also allows you to invite individual agents to create websites separate from the main site on your broker account. 

Profile icon > My Agents

You can access your agents under the profile icon in the top right corner of the Placester admin panel. Click My Agents to manage your agents.

Inviting Agents

Click on the + button within the Agents section to invite your first agent(s) to create Placester websites. 

When you click the + button, you'll see a screen to start inviting your agents.

Manually Invite Agents

You do not need to list the email addresses of agents. We recommend some possible language you can use to manually send an invitation to your agents from your own e-mail account. 

You may have your own information and set of instructions that you'd like to provide your agents upon invitation, and it's best if the invitation comes from a known e-mail address (yours). Scroll to the bottom of the Connect Agents screen, copy and paste the link which is unique to your broker account. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the Agent Invite page and find the link. 

Either click the Copy button to have it copied to your clipboard, or highlight the entire link and copy it using Ctrl+C (on a PC) or Command+C (on a Mac). 

Then, you can compose an email to your agents (or borrow from our suggested language) and paste this link to tell your agents where and how to sign up. 

Agent Account Creation

Clicking the link provided walks the agent through creating an account. 

This will bring the agent through the site setup wizard, which is essentially the same process that is outlined here.

Important Note about Agent Accounts

It is necessary for agents to create accounts through your specific broker link. Agents who sign up on their own through will not be associated with your broker account. It's required to use one of the methods outlined above for the agents to create a website tied to your broker account. If the agent does not use the specific broker link, the account will be an individual agent account rather than a broker agent account.  

Need More Help?

If you have any additional questions about inviting agents to your broker account, let our support team know at

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