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Mobile App: Free vs. Mobile CRM

Mobile App: Free vs. Mobile CRM

This article will explain the difference between the free app and what's only included on the Mobile CRM. 

The app is designed to help agents and brokers manage their business when they leave their desktop. The app will help agents and brokers respond quickly, stay in sync, get insight, and stay on task when they're away from a computer. Agents and brokers can use the free app, or they can purchase the Mobile CRM.

The free app essentially lets agents view their already-existing leads and also add new ones on their phone. The mobile CRM, which is included on Essential and Premium subscriptions, allows agents to edit a lead's information, create tasks, add notes, and more. If you're on the free app, updates made on your phone won't be seen on the backend of your Placester site. So if you add leads to the free app on your phone, you won't see them under Leads>My Leads on your computer. If you purchased the mobile CRM, leads you've added within the app will sync with your Placester account and you'll see them when you access the backend of your site.

Below is a chart that explains what is free for all app users, and what is only included on the Mobile CRM. 


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