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Viewing Your Mobile App Alerts and Enabling Push Notifications

Viewing Your Mobile App Alerts and Enabling Push Notifications


This article will show you how you can view your mobile alerts and how to receive immediate push notifications on your new leads and contact requests.


Viewing Your Mobile Alerts

You can view your alerts by clicking on the bell symbol towards the top right of your screen on your “Updates” page.

After clicking on the bell, you will be brought to your alert center where you will be able to view and manage your incoming alerts. Here are what some of the alerts will look like:

Through your Alerts tab, you have the option to immediately contact your new leads. By using the phone or email icon, you can choose which way you would like to start your communication with your lead. When clicking on a new lead alert, it will bring you to the lead’s profile where you’ll be able to add additional contact information, tasks and notes. Any new leads coming into your alerts will be accessible through your leads tab.

Please note that if you don’t have Mobile CRM, any alerts that come in through the app regarding leads and/or tasks that were added through your mobile site, are "read only." If you get an alert in regards to a task that was created through the mobile app, you will be able to edit and delete the task.

A way that you can tell if you don’t have access to the Mobile CRM, is if a cloud icon appears on the top banner of your Alerts page.


If you’re connected to the Mobile CRM, you also have the ability to set up Reminders for your Tasks, which will also come in through your Alerts Tab. This is what an alert for a Task Reminder would look like:


Removing Alerts

To remove an alert, you can slide the alert with your finger towards the left with your finger. A red “Delete” box will then appear towards the right of the alert, which you'll be able to select.


When it comes to alerts for your tasks, you can also click the blank circle next to the alert. This will replace the blank circle with a blue checkmark, and be removed from your alerts tab.

After removing an alert from your tab, you still have the ability to view the new lead or task due in the Leads and Tasks tabs.

** Please note that if you don’t have the Mobile CRM, you won’t be able to remove new lead and task alerts that were created on the website. You will have to login to your Placester site to remove those alerts.


Adding a Task back to the Alerts Tab

Once you've marked a task alert as completed, you have the ability to un-mark it so that it will become an alert again. To do this, you would simply click on the blue check mark next to the lead or task, which will remove the checkmark, and bring it back to your alerts tab.



Enabling Push Notifications

Push notifications lets the Placester mobile app notify you of new alerts when you’re not actively using the app. Please note that the Mobile CRM package is required to enable push notifications for new lead and contact request alerts.

When you’re first setting up your account, you have the option to “Enable Notifications” which will activate push notifications for new leads that are due.


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