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Creating/Managing Leads in the Mobile App

Creating/Managing Leads in the Mobile App

This article will show you how to quickly and easily create and manage new and existing leads.

Once you select the leads icon on the bottom of the screen, you will be directed to the leads dashboard where you can add, search, and filter leads.

Creating new leads:

You can add a new lead by select the icon in the top right corner of the screen where it will give you the option to import from contacts or create a new lead.

The following information can be added to a new lead:

First and Last name

Lead type (Buyer, Seller, Renter, Other, or None)


Contacted (on/off dial)

Email (Main, Home, Work, Other, or Custom)

Phone (Main, Home, Work, Fax, Other, or Custom)

Score (Green, Yellow, Red)


If you import a lead from your contacts it will auto fill the fields with the information provided.

Filtering Leads:

You can filter leads by selecting the icon on the top left corner of the screen where it will give you the option to sort by date, alphabetical order, score, lead type, or lead source (you can select multiple filters at a time)

Lead Profile:

Each lead has its own profile where you can create new tasks and notes as well as edit and save lead information.

Note: Leads will automatically sync to the web if you are currently on our Essential or Premium subscription or have purchased the Mobile CRM in-app

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