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Creating/Managing Tasks in the Mobile App

Creating/Managing Tasks in the Mobile App

This article will show you how to quickly and easily create and manage tasks within the mobile app.


You can view, edit, and create tasks by selecting the tasks icon on the bottom right corner of the screen

Editing Existing Tasks:

Once you are in the tasks dashboard you will see all new and completed tasks. New tasks will display next to an empty circle and completed tasks will display next to a checkmark.

Clicking on a specific task will expand into a details view where you can double click on the field or delete the task entirely.

Creating New Tasks:

You can create a new task by selecting the icon on the top right corner of the tasks dashboard.




You will then be prompted to name the task (required), schedule a due date, set a reminder, and select a lead (optional).


Tasks can be seen and created directly through lead profiles. Once a lead is attached to a task, it will display within the task dashboard and the lead profile. You can learn more about managing leads HERE.



Note: Leads will automatically sync to the web if you are currently on our Essential or Premium subscription or have purchased the Mobile CRM in-app.


Need More Help? If you have additional questions about creating or managing leads within the mobile app, let our support team know at