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Adding Videos to Pages and Posts

Adding Videos to Pages and Posts

This article will show you how to embed videos directly into your pages and posts.

Where are my pages?

To view your existing pages and posts, click directly on your site title under the Websites tab or use the "Edit Site" option.


This will open the Website Details section of the Admin Panel, which looks like this:


Editing Pages and Posts

Clicking Blog Posts, for example, will allow you to see all of your existing posts. Click "Edit" next to the post where you'd like to add a video.


Adding an Embed Code

Within the editor, use the video embed tool to insert the HTML code for your video. First place your cursor where you'd like the video to appear, then click the icon in the formatting toolbar that looks like a screen with a play button on it.

Paste your YouTube or Vimeo embed code into the box that pops up:

When you’re done editing the content of your post, click Save as Draft or Save, depending on whether or not you’d like it to be published yet.

To add a video to a page, choose one to edit within Website Details > Pages, then just follow the same steps as outlined above.

To find a YouTube video embed code:

1. Click "Share" underneath the video

2. Choose the "Embed" option

3. Copy the highlighted code

To find a Vimeo video embed code:

1. Click the paper airplane share icon to the right of the video screen

2. Copy the embed code that's provided



Need More Help?

If you still have questions about adding videos to your site, let our support team know at

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