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[Video] Editing an Existing Blog Post

[Video] Editing an Existing Blog Post

placester5.pngCheck out this feature in action on our demo site Placester Realty! 

The video and article below will show you how to edit an existing blog post on your Placester site.

Getting to the Post Editor

On the main screen within your site, click on either your site title or Edit Site, both of which will bring you to the Website Details page. 


Website Details

Once you're within the website details tab, click on the Blog Posts tab to access the blog posts index.


Blog Posts Index

Within the blog posts index, you'll see all of the blog posts you've created so far. If you haven't created any posts, you might just see the four sample posts that are provided when you create the site. 

Click Edit next to any of your posts to get to the post editor.

Blog Post Editor Key

You'll be brought to a blank post editor that allows you to edit the title, content, excerpt and featured image.

Here is a key to explain the different editing options within the post editor. Their descriptions are below the image.

1. Title: Add your post title here.

2. Slug: The slug is what comes after the slash and is based on your post title. In this case, the slug is sample-blog-post.

3. Content: Edit the content of the post here. 

4. Excerpt: Edit the post excerpt here. This is the snippet of text that will appear on the blog index page, similar to this:

5. Featured Image: The thumbnail image that will appear on the blog index page. This is different from any images you add within the actual post content and needs to be uploaded separately with the featured image uploader.

When you’re done editing the content of your post, click Save as Draft or Create, depending on whether you’d like the post to be published on your blog page or not.

Formatting Toolbar

The formatting toolbar allows you to make some formatting adjustments within the post content. Here is a key that shows you what each button within the toolbar does.

  1. HTML: Click here to learn more about inserting HTML.
  2. Formatting: format text as Normal, Header or Quote
  3. Bold
  4. Italic
  5. Underline
  6. Unordered List: make a bulleted list on the page
  7. Ordered List: make a numbered list on the page
  8. Link: add hyperlinked text to your site
  9. Video: embed a video within the page. Click here to learn more about embedding videos.
  10. Image: upload an image on the page. Click here to learn more about adding images.



Need More Help?

If you have additional questions about editing blog posts, let our support team know at

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