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Adding Photos to Pages and Posts

Adding Photos to Pages and Posts

This article will show you how to add images to pages and posts to help your content stand out.

Where are my pages?

To view all of your pages and posts, click directly on your site title under the Websites tab or use the Edit Site option.

This will bring you to the Website Details section of the admin panel, which looks like this:


Editing Pages

When you click the Pages option, you'll see all of your existing pages. Click Edit to open the editor for a particular page. Read more about editing an existing page.


Image Upload Tool

You'll need to use the image tool within the editor to upload an image directly into your page content. Just make sure you've clicked the spot where you want the image placed before using this tool. You can add as many images as you'd like to pages and posts. 

Position and Text Wrapping

Once uploaded, you can make your image blend better within the surrounding text by making it left, center or right-justified. Adjust your image's position by selecting the image and then clicking Edit.

You can link the image to another page or website by pasting the desired URL into the Link section.

Blog Post Featured Images

Featured images are the icon images that display on the Blog page alongside post excerpts. Here's an example from our Phoenix theme:

When creating or editing a blog post, you can set a featured image using the Options section of the post editor:

Need More Help?

If you still have questions about adding images, let our support team know at

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