Madison: Metro Theme Guide

This article will show you how the neighborhood widget functions on the KW Metro theme. This widget is exclusive to the Madison theme. 

Theme Selection

Your KW Placester site will be created with Madison as the selected theme by default, but if you ever want to change the theme (or change the color scheme used on Madison), go to Site Settings > Theme Selection.

The Theme Selection slide-out will open, and here you'll have several options to customize the look of your home page. First, you can select your theme. Madison will be selected by default so you'll need to use the arrows to find Madison Metro, but you also have access to the other 7 Placester site designs. You can view what they look like here

The next step is to select your color scheme. There are 7 color options for Madison Metro. The site header text will appear in black. 

The final option is to enter the statement that displays over your slideshow. By default, the statement will read "The Best Place to Find Your Home". You can enter your own text here to change this. Note that there is a limit of 60 characters for this option.

Highlight Neighborhoods

This theme features a widget that specifically highlights neighborhoods through the use of area pages. The widget will either display a map or a list of the neighborhoods depending on if you have map search activated on your account. The areas must be selected as featured areas in order to show up on the widget and they must use the area type neighborhood. You'll need to go to the area pages tab to make sure these settings are correct in order for the widget to work correctly. If you need more information on how to set up area pages, please see our article that outlines the steps here

Neighborhood Widget With Map Search

The widget will display beneath the slideshow on the homepage. When you have map search on your account, it will display a map of the area with neighborhoods highlighted in grey. You can use the zoom in/out buttons on the bottom right of the widget to see more details on the map.

You can move your cursor over a polygon to see the name and highlight the area in blue. You can click on the polygon to show the featured image and excerpt for the neighborhood. 

You will also have a middle arrow button that can expand the widget to just show the map and collapse it again to show the excerpt and featured image.

View Listings 

Click on the view listings button to go to a listings search page with the neighborhood preselected. You can adjust the search sliders to narrow down the results for listings within the neighborhood. This view will not show the main area page.

More Information

When you click on the More Info button, this will take you to the area page for the neighborhood. This is where you can see the images and information you've added for the area. You will see a side map showing the polygon of the neighborhood they are looking at, if map search is activated. You will also see a map that shows the location and prices of listings in the area. You can look at a list of available listings in the neighborhood that appear with 10 listings per page.

Neighborhood Widget Without Map Search

If you do not have map search activated, you can still use this widget, but it will appear in list form. You can scroll on this list to see all of the neighborhoods. On the homepage it will show a list of the neighborhood names and an outline of the area will appear behind the selected name. The featured image and excerpt will still appear by the side. 

Need more help? 

If you have additional questions about adjusting your Madison theme options, let our support team know at


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