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Adding Animations to Your Design Modules in Codeless

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What most developers would charge you an arm and a leg for, we provide you with as a part of the Placester experience. Our animations feature will truly make your Codeless website stand out to visitors and helps add that custom look and feel you've been searching for.

Adding animations to modules

You are able to update every module throughout your entire website with our customizable animation features. Simply navigate to the module that you'd like to edit, whether it be a module on your homepage or a subpage, and click the Animations tab.

Choosing from our animation options

Once in the Animations tab, simply select the specific part of your module (title, description, content, button) you would like to update and choose the type of animation and duration you would like to add.

Video overview

If you would like to see design animations in action with the help of our Product team, click the video player below.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use animations on widgets?
No, animations are only supported on modules at this time.
Do I have to insert custom code to enable animations?
Absolutely not. We strive to simplify the website building experience for you and this is just one more feature that you can launch without the need for a developer!
What's the most popular use case for utilizing animations?
We highly recommend incorporating animations into your homepage modules to immediately stand out when a visitor lands on your website.
Are animation features available on all plans?
Yes, every plan we offer includes module animation features.

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