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This article will explain how the Map Search feature works on Placester sites.

Introducing our new Map design

Activating Map Search

To have the Map Search feature display on your site, from your customizer, go to Listings then click the search result page. You can then choose from designs 3,4, and 5 because those designs have the maps.

Once users choose the map option, the listing search page will change to a Map Search as seen below.

Here, end-users will be able to see the pins for the listing and these pins will display the listing prices and information such as virtual tours and open houses while also being able to zoom into the map if they want to look for listings in a specific area, and click and drag around to view other results on the map. 

The color of the pins in the Placester map will depend on the primary color you've used on your website. YOu can always customize it by changing the color palette use on your website.

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