Adding Certification Logos to the Footer of your Codeless Website [Codeless]

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This article will show you how to highlight special designations or honors by adding certification logos to the footer of your site.

Choosing Certification Logos for your Site

All website designs allow you to choose unlimited certification logos to include on your site. These logos appear just above the footer of your homepage and help visitors understand your areas of expertise. 

Edit Site > Homepage > Certificates

To enable and edit your certifications, go to the Homepage tab and scroll down where you can see the toggle to turn on Certificates. Click the pencil icon to choose which among the preloaded certifications you wish to display in the homepage.

For ease of access, you can also be directed immediately to the certificates section when you hover your mouse over the pencil icon that is shown on the right hand side of your screen.

Selecting Certification Logos

Placester offers more than 20 different certification logos, which you can view by scrolling down the open Certifications tab. To feature a logo on your homepage, click on it with your mouse. You'll know it's selected when a blue outline surrounds the logo.

You can select as many as you want to include on your homepage and hit the Publish Button when you’re done.

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