Recommended Logo Sizes for Each Theme

This article will let you know the recommended logo sizes for each theme.

How are logos sized on Placester sites?

Each Placester site theme has slightly different logo sizes. The site will resize any image to fit the logo frame, so if you upload an image that is larger, has lots of white (or colored) space around it, or doesn't match the dimensions (too square, too tall, etc), your logo may appear distorted on your site.

Recommended logo sizes

The following dimensions are the maximum allowed by each theme.

Plymouth: 315 pixels wide by 80 pixels tall

Fremont: 260 pixels wide by 56 pixels tall
317 pixels by 80 pixels tall
310 pixels wide by 80 pixels tall
480 pixels wide by 80 pixels tall
315 pixels wide by 80 pixels tall
305 pixels wide by 90 pixels tall

Tips for Resizing your logo

You can upload your logo in higher resolutions than the ones listed above, but it will be resized to fit the space in the header. As noted above, this can lead to logos that look distorted.

Keep the Ratio

If you are uploading your logo in higher dimensions, try to keep the ratio as close to the maximum allowed by your theme; for example, if you upload an image of 610x180 pixels to Chicago, it will resize perfectly.

Trim the White Space

Try trimming the logo to remove any excess white or colored space. If your logo has a background, try to crop that as close to the image or text as possible to make your logo appear larger.

Keep it Rectangular

If your logo has an image above some text, making it more square in dimensions, try editing the image to put the logo and text side-by-side, as this will better fit the rectangular dimensions of the logo space on our themes.

Cropping Tips

You can find out more about cropping and resizing logos and images here.

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